Walibi Fright Nights

From October 8 to October 30, 2022, come and experience horrors at Walibi during the most horrifying event in Europe! The Most Intense Experience. Zombies, demonic demons and bloody Rednecks gather in Walibi Holland. More fear, more tension and horribly different from previous years. Experience 20 years of Halloween Fright Nights during this exclusive edition. This year you are the VIP. Prepare for a once in a lifetime experience. Literally

After an exciting day, you can relax in your own comfortable bungalow on the Bremerberg.


Walibi Halloween Fright Nights

Halloween fans are extra (un) lucky this year. Because this year you will get to know the various insane personalities of Eddie the Clown who compete for supremacy in his head. This edition of Halloween Fright Nights features 4 gruesome new Scare Zones, including the brand new home of Eddie: Festival of Freaks. Where monsters, freaks and other scary necks drive you to despair. Keep looking back, because Eddie is watching you.


New! The creators of Halloween Fright Nights present Halloween Spooky Days - the spookiest Halloween event for monsters ages 6 to 12. Not scary like the evening program, but exciting, challenging and of the same high quality as the award-winning Halloween Fright Nights. And of course all our spectacular attractions are open!