Bungalowpark De Bremerberg
Veluwemeer sunset


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Within a radius of 10 km from Bungalowpark De Bremerberg, there are plenty of recreational opportunities. Whether you want to put on your walking shoes, relax completely, make an active holiday or want to experience endless fun during one of the many water sports activities. For those who like to sniff culture or want to delve into history there are many possibilities, including museums and beautiful gardens.

For the real nature lover there is an extensive walking and cycling network present, this allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature. Those who want to pick out a fishing rod and enjoy a fishing holiday are at the right address at De Bremerberg. There are many fishing places in the vicinity of the bungalow park.

Still looking for something more exciting? Then visit the theme parks in the area, including Walibi Holland. Who knows you might make a spectacular roller coaster ride during your holiday and then return to "De Bremerberg"!


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