Ruud Hermans
T. +31 (0)6  50 51 54 80



  1. 2x single bed (switchable)
  2. No bunk bed
  3. Space for camping bed
  4. Pet allowed
  5. Smoke-free
  6. Digital Television
  7. Wi-Fi
  8. Oven / Combi microwave
  9. Nespresso / Senseo / Classic
  10. Dishwasher
  11. Barbeque
  12. Fenced
  13. Covered terrace


Compact luxury

Based on the original size, this bungalow is an outdoor category. With a new kitchen and new bathroom, a conversion of three to two bedrooms, a wood stove in the living room and a covered terrace we have created a compact but luxurious bungalow.

All necessary kitchen equipment is available. You can make coffee in 3 ways, Senseo, Nespresso or classic. The bedrooms can be used as a master bedroom with double bed but also with the beds separately.

The free lockable garden offers peace and space. There is always some sun and shade through a unique shape. Because of its location there is a free walk to the forest. All facilities are within walking distance.

  If desired, this bungalow can be combined with bungalow 50. Ideal for groups up to 10 people.