Bungalowpark De Bremerberg

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your own bungalow and co-owner of the De Bremerberg park!
A unique combination. But how does that work?

Is an internet connection possible?

  • There is a shared TV and Internet connection, after purchasing a modem you have an Internet connection.

Can I rent the bungalow myself and are there costs involved?

  • The association operates a rental office that mediates when renting out your bungalow. The price list is on our website. When renting, you pay 25% of the rent to the Association, this is automatically arranged by the rental office and transferred to you. When renting by the rental office, a number of things are arranged for you, such as cleaning, calamities such as replacing crockery and the like. You will of course be contacted in the event of malfunctions.Lawn maintenance can be arranged by the Brunia company in this area. They make a quotation for you on request.If you want to rent the bungalow, it will be inspected by someone from the rental committee and upon approval it will be posted on the website.Guests can find and reserve the bungalow. You also have insight into the periods in which the bungalow is reserved. Of course you can also use the bungalow yourself and block it for your own use.
  • With own rental there is a mandatory payment of 7.5% based on an average rent of € 600 per month. 

How big is the bungalow?

The bungalows are originally 47-49 M² and can be expanded to a maximum of 80 M².

Are dogs allowed?

  • Pets are welcome as long as they are not allowed to walk out of the park or walk away. And as long as they don't cause any inconvenience. Please ensure that you remove your dog's excrement from the grass and verge.

Can I place a shed or a carport?

  • Yes, you can place a shed that is in accordance with the applicable rules of the park. You can request this via the board. After permission, a building application from the municipality of Dronten is additionally required. The placement of a carport is not permitted.

Can I get close to the bungalow with my car?

  • How many cars can I park at my bungalow? In principle, you can park 1 car in a parking space near your bungalow in the neighborhood. There is space for several cars in the central parking area at the reception.

What are the annual owner charges?

  • There is a mandatory capital contribution to the Cooperative Association of € 5,331.92. The selling owner can inform you about this.
  • According to the lease terms, art. 7 "Use", point 1, applies: "the parcel issued under subsistence may only be used to found and maintain a second home", permanent residence is therefore not permitted.
  • The annual owner charges are currently:
    •   Member contribution + ground lease to the Association: : € 1.240,- + € 710,- = € 1.950,-
    • Commuter tax (depending on WOZ value): between ±  € 550 / € 760
    • Property tax 0.1187% of the WOZ value (2024:  65.000 - 200.000)
    • Sewerage right: ± € 170,-
    • Water board tax 0.0422% of the WOZ value
    • Total costs = ± € 3.000
       (WOZ= Real estate valuation)
  • Gas, water and electricity consumption, depending on own consumption, according to meter readings.
  • There is no key delivery at the reception. Appointment for viewing goes through the selling owner / broker.
  • The bungalow can be rented for you through the Bremerberg rental office. Information about this can be obtained at the reception.

Can I live permanently in the bungalow park?

  • Permanent living or renting out with the aim of permanent residence is prohibited, subject to a few exceptions specified by the Municipality of Dronten. It can be maintained, with all consequences for your account.

What does ground lease or capital contribution mean?

  • Brief explanation of "ground lease" and "capital contribution" If you buy a bungalow at De Bremerberg park, then you buy more than just a bungalow: you are the co-owner of the park as a whole. That is because the purchase of the bungalow is linked to membership of the Cooperative Association De Bremerberg. You can enjoy your house and you decide, as a member of the association, about the facilities around your bungalow. A challenging combination that appeals to many! After all, you have an influence on the design of the park of which your recreational bungalow belongs. In short, this is what makes De Bremerberg so special.
  • Your bungalow stands on a piece of land, a plot of 225 m2. When you buy the bungalow, you do not buy the land, you only buy the building. The land on which your bungalow stands is part of the park and the park leases the land to you. The amount of the ground rent is always known for five years. The last time is the amount of the ground rent, currently € 710.00 per year, determined in 2017. The next change is therefore to be expected in 2022. So you know where you stand and you are involved as the amount of the lease is changed.
  • This is how co-decision works. The Bremerberg comprises more than the sum of 220 bungalows: there is a swimming pool, a tennis court, a recreation room, there are paths, parking spaces and green areas, there are containers where you can dispose of your household waste, a landfill for bulky garbage and another landfill for big green, there is a playground, a reception. And so on and on. All these communal facilities are jointly managed and agreements are made at the general members' meetings that are organized at least twice a year. De Bremerberg is a Cooperative Association. The owners of the bungalows or the members of the association, choose their board, determine the annual budget, approve the annual accounts and together decide on the future of the park and the facilities that are maintained for members and for the recreational tenants. The association's budget largely consists of two important items on the receiving side: the income from the ground lease and the annual membership fee (call it "contribution").
  • During the Extraordinary Member Meeting of December 15, 2012, it was decided that a leaseholder can conclude a new perpetual lease with the association before January 1, 2021. A clear agreement so that you as the owner with a bungalow on a long-term lease know where you stand and which is important when obtaining a mortgage when purchasing a bungalow.
  • At the time, money had to be borrowed, in particular for the purchase of the park's land, because the association did not have its own capital. The cheapest way of financing was an interest-free loan from the members, through a compulsory participation in the member capital of € 5,331.92 per membership. Upon sale, the ownership of the bungalow is transferred, including the amount of the capital contribution of € 5,331.92. The associated lot is the property of the association, the new bungalow owner becomes leaseholder of this lot.
  • Finally: No rights can be derived from this public-friendly explanation. Articles of association, internal regulations, general conditions for long-term lease and the implementation rules or policy rules based thereon apply in full.