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From July 23 to August 17, 2022, the entertainment team of Recrateam will again offer a wonderful recreation program for 4 weeks.

But the program will nevertheless include fun activities for families with children of all ages. For example, the beautiful works are made during tinkering, much movement during the sports activities and beautifully sung during the playback show. In addition, there are many more family activities. The Bingo Monday evenings are famous. Something for everyone, at the Bremerberg nobody has to be bored!


Dit is het programma voor 2022

week 30: 23 -29 juli Muziek in de tent

week 31: 30 juli - 5 aug Gamen

week 32: 6 - 12 aug op TV

week 33: 13 - 18 aug. IJstijd

Met als klapper op de vuurpijl: de laatste dag 18 augustus organiseren we weer een "Little Lowlands"
Little Lowlands

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